we believe in a unique and customized customer services

This is just a few company we serve as we do work for companies in 

Aerospace, Medical, Commercial and Military


Back in our early years of 1970's Bob Bealer retired from the US Army and needing to provide for his family, he started working in the honing industry and he saw the need for a honing shop that would meet each customers needs. He purchased a single machine and from his garage started with just one customer,(one we still serve today) as the work load increased and the company grew, we then moved to a small 1000 Sq ft. shop in Orange County where the company continued to grow to serving over 200 customer's throughout the 80's and 90's

We moved once again to Corona Ca. where we are now in a 2500 Sqft. building. And with 5 different types of hones and the largest tooling supply on hand we believe that we can hone any job our customers bring to us. 

A family, and MILITARY owned company 

our approach


Each company is unique, A one-size-fits-all approach will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions. We tailored every job to meet you and or your industries requirements.

We have established clear processing systems for handling and inspecting your parts. With this system in place you can trust your parts will meet your requirements

who we Serve is IMPORTANT to us